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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tailoring Program

Hi friends, Happy news once again...:-)
The tailoring Program which we conducted in the village of Athangi Kavanur ,Thiruvallur has turned out to be a job provider for many of the participants. And the highlight of the program is that 2 of the participants excelled so well that they are now working as trainers for tailoring at several centres.

Actually the tailoring Program was a combined effort of BUDS foundation and the Self Help Group functioning at the village. We gave the participants, a completion certificate once their skill was tested. Now about 80% of them are employed in Export companies near Thiruvallur district. We are happy for those successful people.

We hope to introduce many such training Programs so that the people benefit the most.
"Together lets serve better"...
so Friends, Be United to Do Service

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