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Saturday, April 16, 2011

BUDS plans for the year 2011

BUDS Foundation is looking forward to contribute its best this year for education.During 2010, BUDS trustees were planning for a program wherein we could support the education of school students.After intensive planning, the program was finalised as "Sponsor a student's education". So this year we are going to bring our sponsoring plan into action. Having selected 3 students, we the members of BUDS foundation are going to financially and morally support them. Kindly check out future posts for detailed information about this program.
Also BUDS members will be organised into teams and activities for each team will be coordinated accordingly. BUDS teams will be discussed in the next post.
BUDS Foundation is planning to visit about 5 orphanages and homes for the mentally retarded and physically challenged.Anyone with an interest to join us is welcomed by BUDS.
In addition to all this we would be carrying out other activities as well. We shall disclose them later.
So, all you supporters, we expect your support and valuable suggestions in order to do the best service to people around us.

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